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Updated: Jan 11

Although I am lucky enough to have gained the tools to manage my symptoms, my invisible conditions persist and are prevalent in my daily life. Since my symptoms are not externally visible, I’ve found it hard for others to comprehend what I am experiencing.

Throughout my journey battling my medical conditions, I have encountered a lack of awareness and education about invisible disabilities and illnesses. My eyes have been opened to the untold amount of young people who suffer as well.

Merging everyone’s voices makes us all stronger. Together, we can deconstruct past expectations and chart a more expansive path forward. Admitting vulnerability, acknowledging loss, and letting go of old ideas of who we were, make room for something more. Everything is not always going to be okay; however, sorrow and love can exist at the same time. Sifting through the wreckage, both Connecting 2 Heal and allow me to expose beauty in tragedy and hope from despair. Life is not a series of unlimited choices, and there is often no explanation for why things are the way they are. Together, we can chart a different path and find a new purpose.

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